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Moritz - On the Autobahn

Poor Moritz. Having already had a long spell in hospital and thereafter, embarked on several adventures including a lengthy trip to the moon, he was now determined to escape the stresses of life and take it easy.

One day at home removing yet more alien-like tics from his fur, picked up from his successful adventure to the moon (he never could figure out how they penetrated his spacesuit) the heard the letterbox rattle. Moritz stood up, spent a few seconds scratching furiously, then sauntered over to the front door and picked up an envelope of the floor. Noticing the portuguese stamp on the front got him wondering why his cousin would be writing when he only messaged him the other day on Skype DN (Dog-net).

Moritz walked back into the living room, stopped for a second and scratched again, resulting in a couple of tics flying off into oblivion. They'll be back, he thought, finding another pesky place on my fur. He sat down and opening the envelope and sure enough, it's from his cousin with an invitation to stay over for as long as he wants. Sun, Sea, Wine and Fun! Perfect and just what the doctor ordered! There's just one problem... Moritz has got to get there first by travelling through Europe!

Moritz took no time in the shed, fixing up his C5 and giving it a good polish in preparation for his journey, starting from Germany on the autobahn through Belgium, France, England, Ireland, Spain and eventually to Portugal.

In every country Moritz is collecting bones (and gold in Ireland ;-))

If only the venture was an easy one but alas, the road is full of sunday drivers and strange objects like bavarian beer pints,  belgique waffles, french baguettes, croissants,  british guards, irish leprechauns, spanish bulls,  portuguese sarins and well, all sorts unimaginable out to stop Moritz reaching his dream destination, hug his cousin and enjoy paradise to the full.

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I'm Uncle Ced, and we're producing a magazine in France in 2023 called CPC-Anachronie. We've decided to offer a prize for the 2022 games. Moritz on the autobahn won second prize out of three. I'd like to send it to you if that's OK. How can I contact you privately?

Very nice game for this system. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:37:31. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

My sincere congratulations !

Many thanks for playing and liking the game :-)